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Saturday, October 24, 2020

What is a blog | Introduction to blogging

What is a blog | Introduction to blogging
What is a blog | Introduction to blogging

Hello friends! Welcome to Technobsess. In todays post we will tell you about What Is Blog | Introduction To Blogging. Also you will know various tips for becoming a professional Blogger.


Introduction To Blogging

If you are reading this post, then it means that you have interest in Blogging. In this article today, we will know what Blogging is. Whenever we do something professionally, it means that We want to earn best by using our best skills. Before knowing about Professional Blogging, let me give you some idea about Blogging. Blog is a kind of website where people share their knowledge or information Every day, millions of people search Google or different search engines to solve their problems. This does not mean that the search engine has solutions for the problems of the people.

We can say that, people DOES Blogging to share their information. This helps both readers and Bloggers (Writers) It is useful because both help each other.


What is a Blog?


 Blog or (web log) is actually a website that is constantly updated, while new content is often published in it, the Blog is an informal or conversational It is written in style (common conversational style). Its purpose is to attract more and more people and also to achieve some goal, whether it is a large community-building or a Business can also be to grow, or to convey the right information to people. A web log, which is called "Blog" in shortened form, is actually a web page which contains the contents or Blog posts. The act of writing these Blog posts is called Blogging.

 If anyone knows how to Blogging it means He has all the skills that he has, using which he can easily run a Blog, using the right type of tools in his web page, you can write, Blog post, linking, as well as share the Blog content in the internet You will find it easy to do all these tasks. Now let's get details about some important definitions related to Blogging. Blog is an online journal / diary which is available in the Internet by other users. Blogger is actually He is the person who owns that Blog. He is the person who keeps the Blog alive by writing new Blog posts, new information, case studies, his opinion (opinion), etc. from time to time. Blog Post Or there is a piece of content that is written by the Blogger in your Blog. For example, the article that you are reading now, is a "Blog post" written by me in this Blog.


What is Blogging?


Blogging means all the tasks that a Blogger does in his Blog regularly, such as good information Posting, its design, combined with all these functions, it is called Blogging. For Blogging, you should have all the necessary characteristics.


 If not, then don’t worry. You can definitely learn them from others. You must have come to me a little idea about Blogging. If Blogging means giving out knowledge, then what is this professional Blogging? Like I told you earlier , That if we do something professionally, then it means that we ask to make some income from it. In this way we can divide Blogging into two parts:

Professional Blogging and Personal Blogging


Personal or pastime Bloggers are those who have some story or experience to share. They can be about themselves, or about someone else. They do not earn money by Blogging. They just do Blogging  as a hobby. They do not have specific strategy or plan. They share without any motive. They just do Blogging on time pass.

 Professional Blogging:

 While professional Bloggers are those who earn so much money by Blogging, that they can run their home. Now you must be thinking how these Bloggers earn. So tell you Do you see ads in Blogs or websites, these people earn money from this. There are many ways by which these Bloggers generate a lot of revenue from Blog. As such: - These were some such measures by which They generate income for themselves. You must have understood what a Blogger is, so let's talk about some knowledge. Is it possible that anyone can do business without planning? Professional Bloggers have a good and better plan and strategy, through which they earn money from Blog.

 Similarly a professional Blogger, with a personal Blogger.

If you have the right to write, then you can easily get into the Blogging line. But if you want to earn good through Blogging, then you need a good plan, dedication, hard work and patience. Blogging is not what new people think, create a Blog today and start earning from tomorrow. For that you need ton of hard work and great patience. Amit Agarwal, who is known as the father of Indian Professional Blogging, has done his job. Job was left for Blogging. Today they earn a lot from Blogging, which no company could possibly give them.


Whoever leaves their job for Blogging or considers Blogging to be their job, or if they are earning good through Blogging, if you are doing a job somewhere, then you have to listen to your seniors all the time, at the office You have to reach on time, but it is not so in Blogging. You can Blogging from anywhere and anytime. So in this growing technology arena, there is no better job than Blogging. I am going to share such tips which are going to be very helpful in making a common Blogger to become a professional Blogger. Here you can read how to create a Blog.



Uniqueness is a very important part for Blogging. For Blogging Is an important factor. If your Blog is not unique then people will not like it because there are many Blogs that write the same content and people will not read the same and what people do not like, so your earnings Also, if you want to become a better professional Blogger then your Blog and its contents are all unique.


 If you only aim to earn money from Blogging then you should not do Blogging. There are no shortcuts to achieve success. If you want to get success in professional Bloggeing then you will have to constantly strive for it and work hard. You have to keep yourself motivated and be passionate for what you are doing. Therefore, if I believe, then only Blogging on what you find interesting. If you want to be successful in a field then you have to be successful in that field.


You have to know about the competitors in advance. This work is also suitable for Blogging. You have to read the Blogs of your competitiors first, understand what they write and their style of writing. By doing this you will have to understand their strategies. You can understand and use your own mind to formulate your own strategies.


Reading before writing is very important in professional Blogging journey. So if you write well then there is no need to be over-confident because reading It is equally important. Come from this point You will already be aware that on any topic on which you make a Blog, there will already be millions of Blogs, which will often write similar articles, and in such a situation, if you start copying from others like them, then you are professional. Never be able to do Blogging. So before writing any new article, gather data about it, you can do a lot of research for it. And then give a good form to your ideas to give people some value.




Do whatever, you are going to choose the topic or niche, write articles only on that. Do not change the topic of the articles repeatedly. By doing this, people get confidence from the top of your Blog. For example if you When writing about finance, then you should write articles related to the same and not on cars.

By doing this, your finance audience will not be able to understand the related technical articles of Cars and the value of your Blog will start to decrease gradually. So it is better to stick to the same niche and keep writing articles on that niche only.

 This increases the chances of increasing your loyal visitors. Google itself has said that Guest Blogging is a very good SEO Tactics from SEO point of view. This solution is effective as long as you submit better articles to better Blogs. This increases your Blog exposure by many times. People get information about you who read articles in your niche, so you have to prepare a list of top Bloggers of your niche and they have to approach for guest posts which will benefit both of you. Both will have good network build. This will benefit both of you in the long run. If you feel that you are not able to generate desired  income from your Blog then you will have to increase your income sources. This means that you will have to increase your Blog I not only want to advertise but you can also use affiliate marketing.


 Bloggers, which often forget about other methods like banners, promotions, content writing, paid posts, is to be consistant. This is why Consistency separates a normal Blogger from a professional Blogger. Loosing traffic in your Blog is bigger than gaining Easy. If a Blogger is consistantly writing good posts on his Blog, then he can create a good audience for himself, which is very important for his Blog. Those who have trouble writing daily posts, 2 to 3 a week You can write posts, this will not reduce their productivity. I believe that the quality and quantity of posts should be taken care of.


 Social media should not be used only as an entertainment thing. Think of this such a platform This is where you can use your skills to help others. This will build their belief in you and they will become faithful visitors of your Blog.


Social Media is a place where you can engage people by providing great value. Since most people use Social Media daily, this will be a very good platform for you to reach out to others. If a Blogger wants to become a professional Blogger then he will have to set Blogging Goals in front of him. This will let them know how close they are to their goals. Set goals for yourself at the start of the year. What you will have to do throughout the year It will always be remembered. With this you will be able to get more focused and motivate yourself better.


Here something changes every day, the same happens with Blogs. Being a Professional Blogger, you need to The contents will have to be constantly updated. By doing this, not only will your readers be indulged, but this will also increase the traffic of your Blog to a greater extent. Even though your ears will feel very good in listening that professional Bloggers earn millions of rupees a month. The life of these professional Bloggers is as comfortable as well. It is not as much as it is spoken. This comfortable life is possible only after having many different skills, many hours of hard work, waking up all night, etc. More and more people are coming online slowly. In such a situation, the demand for new contents is increasing day by day.

 Therefore, if you also want to become a professional Blogger, then you can also achieve that position with your hard work and the strategies mentioned.


 I hope you find this article my Blogging. (What Is Blog | Introduction To Blogging).  I must have liked it. It is always my endeavor to provide complete information about professional Blogging to the readers, so that they do not have to search in other sites or internet with reference to that article. This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article What Is Blog | Introduction To Blogging or you want that there should be some improvement, then for this you can write down comments.

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