How to download hotstar videos

How to download hotstar videos

Since the launch of hotstar in 2015, it has become one of the best content streaming platform. It has millions of users. Recently the walt desney has become the owner of the company and changed its name from ‘Hotstar’ to Disney+Hotstar.

Hotstar can be accessed on both smart phones and pc using a web browser. If you are reading this article, you must be searching for how to download hotstar videos. Similar to other services like amazon prime, Netflix etc, hotstar allows you to download content from native apps. Here is the guide on how to download hotstar videos.

In this article we will tell you how to download videos from hotstar in pc and smartphones both.

Downloading hotstar videos officially.

As stated above, hotstar allows you to download videos and other content but has many limitations. You cannot download live streams from hotstar and also the downloaded content cannot be played outside the native app. Moreover, when downloaded officially you cannot share it with anyone through social media.

Download hotstar videos- Multiple methods

There are various methods to download hotstar videos. These are as under:

  1. Official Hotstar application
  2. Hotstar video downloader. (Third party tool)
  3. Using videodar
  4. Hotstar live streamer program for windows

Using the above methods you can download videos on your device. Also you can share it with everyone easily. You can also download movies from hotstar.

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Note: As mentioned earlier, these methods include both official and un-offical means of downloading videos. You need to know that downloading and redistributing the content is unfair and illegal practice. never encourage to practice any unfair means and we don’t bear any consequences for the same.

(How to download hotstar videos)

    1. How to download hotstar videos on hotstar app

This is the recommended and best way to download the videos. You have to download and install the hotstar app from playstore or apple store for this.

Steps to download:

  1. Ensure to have a good internet connection.
  2. Open the hotstar app and search for the content you wish to download.
  3. Now click on the download option at the bottom of the description.
  4. Now select the quality of video you want to download. The higher the pixel the higher is clarity.
  5. The download will start when you select the quality and you will receive the notification soon after the download process ends.

You can now watch the downloaded video anytime offline according to your convenience. Also you can watch as many times you want.

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   2. Using Hotstar video Downloader

The hotstar downloader is a web app designed by third party to download the hotstar videos to your device. It is actually a website so you can use it on any pc, laptop etc through a web browser. Through this method you can download  any type of video including live streams and even can share it with others.

Steps to download

  1. Add or install CORS extension on your browser. Then acticvate it.
  2. Open the hotstar app on your pc and choose the video you wish to download.
  3. Play the video and copy its url from address bar.
  4. Open the Hotstar downloader and paste the link you copied.
  5. Then choose the quality of video and click on Download button.
  6. Your download will start. And you can watch the video anytime, or send it to anyone.

   3. Using command prompt (CMD)

It is one of the best and effective way to download hotstar videos using CMD. Here to have to use complex commands. You can find the batch file of those commands in hotstarlivestreamer easily. Adding to it, you can also download hotstar premium videos using CMD.

Step to download:

  1. First step is to download hotstarlivestreamer program. Then extract the RAR archive.
  2. Once extracted open the folder in your pc.
  3. Double click the hotstarlivestreamer bat file and it will open the command prompt.
  4. Now paste the url of video in the command prompt window.
  5. Now select the video quality and comment ‘d’ to start download and there you go. You can find the downloaded content in the extracted file ‘video’ folder.

   4. Use videodar

If you frequently download videos and you want a native app for the same, then this method will help you. This method works both for android and pc users. Using this app you can download videos from any application including hotstar. It was formerly designed to download youtube content but now it serves the purpose from 50+ sites.

To download the videos you first need to install the videodar application on your device. This app is not available on playstore so you can download its APK file from the web manually.

After downloading you can simply locate the hotstar appicon therein and browse the video you want to download. After selecting the video you can choose the desirable video resolution and the download will begin.

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I hope you have understood the post about How to download hotstar videos completely. If you have any doubts related to it you can ask us in comment section.

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Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates in 2021

Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates in 2021

There are many websites where you can start your blog. The best among them is one from google, i.e. Here you can make your blog free. You can easily create a blog in single click. On joining you are given a free sub-domain from blogger site itself. Its like www.example.blogspot .com and hosting is also provided for free.

(Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates)

Many people opt for blogger when they begin their blogging journey. They do so to may be because of lack of money or they don’t want to take risk initially. It’s the best option for beginners.

When we create a blog, it is applied with a default theme. There are many in-built themes in blogger. But to stand-out from the rest you can design your blog with outside theme as well. There are many themes available on the internet for blogger blog, both paid and free. People search for themes differently like, blogger magazine templates, news blogger templates etc. Here we have listed the best free responsive blogger templates for you. These are universal and can be used in any niche blog. Moreover, these are also best templates for adsense.

What is meant by Responsive?

Responsive means a template that responds well in all devices. There are many themes that opens in laptop perfectly but shows problem in smartphones. So, it is necessary to download the responsive templates for your blog. This also complements the SEO of your blog.

Best Free Responsive Blogger Templates

So here is the list of best free responsive blogger templates for you.

1   Elegance

 Elegance minimal blogger template is more suited for blog of niche like, fashion, beauty, ootd, makeup etc. Also its quick to load and has a pleasant and systematic view. It has a custom popular post widget and 100% responsive template.

It comes with detailed documentation so that you can set up the template easily. This theme provides a great platform to achieve high SEO rankings for your blog.  Its also ideal for magazine.

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Foody blogger template is an expert tempting blogger template specifically designed for food blogs. It also has features and buttons specifically designed for advance blogs. It lets you create posts that look mesmerising.

Moreover it is SEO ready, Ads ready and fully responsive. It is also fast loading and comes with a good browser compatability. If you are foody, whether you love to eat or love to cook and share your recipes, then this is the perfect choice for you.

3. Fusion

Fusion responsive blogger template is a stylish plus minimal blogger template. It has an easy and robust format. This template is primarily suitable for news, mag, and tech niche blogs. Also a very good portfolio blogger template.

Its very quick to load and operate. Its 100% responsive theme. Moreover it comes pre-loaded with many features. Its compatability with modern browsers is also very good. 

4.  Movie Khor

MovieKhor is professional movie blogger template specially designed for movie niche websites. If you are planning to make a movie review blog or a site for downloading movies then you can opt for this theme. Its admin panel is also easy to operate and theme is mobile friendly. There is also a variety of colour choices in the template which makes it look more elegant.

Also it has social sharing buttons in-built the theme. Overall it is the best blogger template for movies blog.

5.  Newspaper

Newspaper blogger template is a freemium blogger template with numerous functions. Its designed for news or magazine blogs. Its one of the best news blogger template.  Well, you can use this for any niche blog as well. It is very prominent template among advanced bloggers. If you are not clear about your niche and still creating blog then go for this template.

Its responsive, seo optimised, mobile friendly and comes with numerous other functions. Also has special widgets for labels, search box etc in the sidebar.

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6.  Go green

Go green is a multi-purpose blogger template with many functionalities. The best thing is like about it is that it has provision for two menus. One in the header section for pages and other below it for categories.

This template is highly SEO friendly and has a clean and elegant icon based navigation menu. It comes with both image and text which makes it more dynamic. Also the theme has many features in the commenting system as well. You can go for it because it is suitable for all blogging niche sites.

7.  Averie

It’s a stylish blogspot temoplate with hero header with a centred logo. Also  it has a very elegant social sharing widget in the sidebar. It can be used for all niches but more suitable for magazines, personal bloggers, shop websites etc. With its stylish design and user-friendly layout it helps you to display your contents creatively.

Also it has good on-page SEO setting and mobile friendly. It is so well designed that it changes its structuaral design according to different devices like laptop, tablet or mobile screen.

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The above listed Best free responsive blogger templates with their reviews are going to be with you throughout your blogging journey. You can download any of them according to your need and desire. If you liked our post then you can share it with your friends and family. 

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How to Create an ebook in 2021

How to Create an ebook in 2021

Hello friends welcome to technobsess. In today’s post we will learn How to Create an ebook in 2021. Ebook stands for electronic book. Read this artilcle about How to Create an ebook in 2021 till the end to understand it better.

(How to Create an ebook in 2021)

First we will get to know about ebook in detail. Also you will know how to create ebook from pdf and how to create an ebook in word. Also what are ebook creation softwares.

What is ebook

To achieve success in life, studying with diligence is very important. In the olden days, Garukul used to be a school, where knowledge was exchanged only on the basis of speaking and listening, after which it gradually improved and it was written on the leaves and bark of the tree. 

Then came the time to write on wood, with the help of chalk, it was written on wood. After wood, it was written with the help of paper and pen. 

The present time is the time of internet, in which things are written and read through e-book. What is an Ebook on this page? Regarding the profit, loss, use of the e-book.

An e-book is an electronic book, it means a digital book. Paper is not used in this. It is a digital file. 

This electronic device is read by computer, mobile and other digital devices. Internet is required to use it. 

E-books are made in many formats like PDF / PDF (Portable Document Format), XP, etc., 

among which the most common PDF file is prevalent. In future, audio books, mobile telephone books, e-books will be used in place of paper books.

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Disadvantages of ebook.

E-book can be used only on an electronic device, more use of electronic devices causes great damage to the eyes, many times there are complaints of red and swollen eyes.

Problem for publishers as many people download the free copy from torrent sites.

Advantages of ebook.

Ebook reaches to you very fast. You just have to make payment, download it and start reading. All these things can be done from your mobile sitting at your home.

Use of ebook is also good for our environment as it is paperless book.

You can purchase ebook from anywhere. You don’t have to be bound at any specific place.

Sometimes while purchasing ebook you can get a bonus discount of some amount. When you buy any printed book you don’t get any discount.

You don’t require any desk or table to store your ebook.

Its is portable. You can carry it from one place to other with ease. You can carry multiple ebooks by transferring it in CDs, pendrive or any device.

The greatest benefit is you can share ebooks very easily. 

ebook graphics also play a major role in making them more mesmerising. You can add any ebook graphic in your file from internet.

(Note: ebook graphics that you apply in your file should be licensable)

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Uses of ebook.

E-book is used by mobile, laptop or other device, it can be used anywhere.

Does ebook exist in pdf format only?

It is not necessary that when you search for new ebook download, it will come in pdf format always. But chances are that it will most probably appear n pdf format. You can change it into word.

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Difference between ebooks and normal books.

Normal printed books have a lot of weight however ebooks are weightless.

Ebooks are much cheaper in comparison to normal printed books.

Ebooks have the privacy feature. You can add password to your ebook.

You can learn to create your own ebook by just investing some time. While creating a printed book requires time with other resources.

ebooks are also known to be more informational books in comparison to normal ones.

How to create your own ebook?

It is very easy to make friends eBook. We are teaching you how to create  eBook. Because it is most commonly used on digital devices. We can make eBooks both by computer and mobile.

If you want to create an eBook in phone then your mobile should have Microsoft Word.

And if you want to create eBook on computer then your computer should have Microsoft Word software.

Follow the steps below on how to format an eBook. We will teach you how to create a eBook by following some simple steps:-.

  1. Firstly target your reader audience. Then research about your audience and keywords in google analytics.
  2. Firstly open Microsoft word.
  3. Now on whatever topic you want to write give a suitable topic and start writing.
  4. If you don’t want to write ebook on the same day to can save it and lateron open it again.
  5. You can all add a unique ebook logo design and ebook graphics to give it a life.
  6. After completing your file you can save it in pdf file format.
  7. You can check ebook design samples on the internet to make your ebook more attractive for readers.

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Why to create an ebook.

  1. It increases your exposure.
  2. It adds a revenue stream.

How to sell your ebook.

If you want to sell your own eBook, there are many ways to do it.

  1. You can  sell your eBook on Amazon Affiliate Marketing. You will get a direct link from Amazon Kindle. You can sell your book there. Whenever your book will sell, you will get money from Amazon. It pays you your commission by keeping some of her commissions.
  2. On Ebay, you can sell your book through the Ebay Turbo Lister Program. It is just similar to Amazon.
  3. If you have your own website or blog, you can sell eBooks directly from them. And you can complete 100% income. And you can get its payment through Paypal.
  4. On the Google Playstore Android App, you can also sell your eBook and make income.
  5. You can sell your eBook from the Ipad Program on Applestore. But at Applestore we have to make some changes to our eBook to sell the eBook.
  6. So in this way you can sell your eBook. This was how to sell eBook, you can sell eBook.


I hope you guys have got all the information related to How to Create an ebook in 2021

Also you have got to know other information about ebook like what is ebook, advantages and disadvantages of ebook, why to create an ebook and much more. 

So this is how you can make, market and sell ebook- all for free. If you really liked our post then share it with your friends. Thanks for reading this post on How to Create an ebook in 2021 till the end.

What is CPC, CTR, CPM, CPA and RPM? Complete knowledge of Adsense terms

Hello friends welcome to technobsess.

What is CPC, CTR, CPM, CPA and RPM? Complete knowledge of terms related to Adsense

(What is CPC, CTR, CPM, CPA and RPM? Complete knowledge of Adsense terms.)

If you use Google Adsense or any Ad Network, then you must have heard about the words CPC, CTR, RPM, etc. Google Adsense is the world's largest advertising platform. It is used by many advertisers and publishers around the world. Today we will tell you about all the terms of Google Adsense that you have difficulty in understanding. You will be able to see the words mentioned in this article on many other platforms with Adsense.

Google Adsense common terms

CPC (Cost Per Click):

The full form of CPC is-  Cost Per Click. It is often used for banner ads. Under CPC Ads, advertisers first register with their ads on the platform. Publishers place these ads on their blogs. Now whenever a visitor clicks on these ads, the publisher gets paid per click.


CPC = Total Amount Spent on Ads / No. of clicks measured

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The CPC depends entirely on the keywords. If many people are working on a keyword, then there will be more competition in that keyword and eventually CPC will also increase significantly. In the same way, CPC is also often low for low competition keywords. Although this theory will make you understand the meaning of CPC, in real-life it is not necessary that this theory always be true.

I mean to say that bloggers and digital marketers are often looking for keywords in which competition is low and whose CPC is high. If you have also started a new blog, then it is very important to come to do keyword research. In this way, your keywords will be quickly ranked on Google and your earning will start.


CPA (Cost Per Action or Acquisition):

The full form of CPA is-  Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition. It is a targeted advertisement tool which is used for affiliate marketing, product sales, etc. If the ads on your blogs are working on CPA, then you will earn only when visitors complete the action by clicking on those ads.

Now this action can be anything like - buy product, signup newsletter, registration, filling inquiry form, etc. To earn good through CPA it is necessary to have targeted traffic to your website. I mean to say that if you have created a blog on fashion, and people who are interested in technology are coming to your blog, then you will not earn well. You have to bring people interested in fashion to your blog. In this way, they will click on ads, complete the action and ultimately your earning will also be good.


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CTR (Click Through Rate):

CTR means Click Through Rate. Apart from Google Adsense, you must have seen this term in many places like Google Analytics, YouTube Analytics, etc. Although the meaning of CTR is common everywhere, here you will understand its meaning in the words related to Adsense. Let us first know how CTR is calculated:


CTR = (Total No. of Clicks / Total No. of Impression) x 100


The CTR is calculated with the help of total clicks and total impressions. The value of CTR is important for both Advertiser and Publisher. With its help, advertisers get to know how many people are showing interest in their ads, how well their ads are performing, etc. On the other hand, if we talk about Publisher, then by CTR we find out whether we have corrected Ads Placement or not. If you have very good traffic on your blog, but very few people click on ads, then you can improve ad placement by looking at the value of CTR in Adsense.


In Google Adsense we see two types of CTR value. First Page CTR and Second Impression CTR.


Page CTR and Impression CTR:

Page CTR: The click-through rate of the entire page is called Page CTR. Its value is calculated after taking into account all the ads on the page.


Impression CTR: The click-through rate of each of the ads is called impression CTR.

If you have placed 3 Ads on a page of the website and a visitor clicks on one of them, it will affect both the page CTR and the impression CTR of that particular ad. Because of this you often see the value of Page CTR more often.

Now suppose there are 3 Ads on any of your pages which are loaded all the time. You get all these data in one day:


1000 Page Views

3000 Ad Impressions

10 Clicks

Now using the CTR formula mentioned above:


Page CTR = (10/1000) x 100 = 1%

Impression CTR = (10/3000) x 100 = 0.33%


While calculating these two values, keep in mind that most of the ads on most pages are not displayed simultaneously. Therefore, the value of Page CTR and Impression CTR can also be upside-down.

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RPM (Revenue Per Mile):


The full form of RPM is Revenue Per Mile or Revenue Per Thousand Impressions. This is the reporting term of an Adsense. RPM tells the publishers how much money they will get for per 1000 page views or impressions. In Adsene, you must have seen two types of RPMs - first Page RPM and second Impression RPM.


Page RPM:

Page RPM is calculated by dividing your earning by total page views, then multiply by 1000.

Page RPM = (earnings / Total page views) x 1000

For example, suppose you earn about $ 0.15 from 25 page views, then your blog's page RPM will be ($ 0.15 / 25) x 1000 = $ 6.00.


Impression RPM:

Ad Impressions are taken into consideration when calculating Impression RPM, just like in Impression CTR. Impression RPM indicates the average earning per 1000 Ads Impressions.


Impression RPM = (Earnings / Total impressions) x 1000


CPM (Cost Per Mile):

Often people get confused between RPM and CPM and make wrong reports. Although both of these mean one, RPM is used for Publishers and CPM for Advertisers.

The full form of CPM is Cost Per Mile or Cost Per Thousand Impressions. This is a reporting term of Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). CPM tells advertisers how much they have to pay per 1000 Ads Impressions.

Talking about RPM, this is the reporting term of Google Adsense. This tells the publishers how much money they will get per 1000 impressions.


I hope you liked the information mentioned in this article. There are many other terms like CPC, CTR, CPA, RPM, etc. which are used on Advertisement platforms. In this article, I have tried to remove your problem related to Google Adsense. If you have any question related to Google Adsense, then definitely ask in the comment below. We will try our best to answer them, and if you like the article, do not forget to share it with friends.